Monday, 27 March, 2023

ITV have ‘axed You’ve Been Framed’

ITV have reportedly axed the long-running comedy clip show, You’ve Been Framed after 33 years.

After more than three decades of bringing laughter to living rooms across the UK, ITV has announced that it is axing the long-running comedy clip show, You’ve Been Framed.

The show, which first debuted in 1990 and was originally hosted by Jeremy Beadle, has been a staple of British television, airing more than 700 episodes and featuring a rotating cast of hosts, including Lisa Riley, Jonathan Wilkes, and most recently, Harry Hill.

However, the show has seen a decline in viewing figures in recent years, which some attribute to the rise of social media and the availability of similar content online.

The show’s format, which famously paid viewers £250 for funny video clips, has also been criticized for being outdated and repetitive.

A source told The Sun: “It’s a different world to Jeremy Beadle’s heyday. Why would viewers tune in to a show featuring funny videos when they could see the same sort of thing on the internet?

“Silly clips are hugely popular on social media and the right video can go viral. There’s a thrill in achieving that — even though you don’t earn the £250 fee which You’ve Been Framed paid for contributions.”

It is unclear what the future holds for the show’s host, Harry Hill, but fans of the comedian can still catch him on the small screen, as he has numerous other projects in the works.

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