Tuesday, 3 October, 2023

Nathan Sykes Hints At a Solo Singing Career!

After The Wanted revealed that they were having a break, thoughts have been wandering to what the boys will do without their band mates.

Nathan Sykes is the first one of the group to hint that he will be attempting a solo career without the other members of The Wanted. However Max, Jay, Tom and Siva have said they will be working on ‘solo projects’ so time will tell if any of the other boys bring out a solo single.

Before his big follow spree yesterday Nathan tweeted “Wait I’m coming!! I’ve literally just written the best song I’ve ever written in my entire life and I’m recording it. It feels so special… having a break for a minute … off to sing the song i wrote earlier … sooo happy!!!! back in a second!!!”

We know that the boys still have their Word Of Mouth Tour to come this year but we are buzzing with excitement for  Nathan Sykes new song.

The Wanted’s new album The Word Of Mouth is out now.

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