Saturday, 1 April, 2023

Louis Smith Posts Topless SIX-PACK Selfie!

The Olympic gymnast Louis Smith posted a topless picture on Instagram saying it was ‘a little treat for his fans’!

The picture shows the Olympic  medalist showing of his muscles after he has got to grips with his intense fitness regime once again. Fans were worried after Louis was pictured with a slightly tubbier stomach last September on his holiday in Ibiza. To reassure his fans he captioned the picture ‘ Here’s a treat’ knowing that it would thrill his fans.

He told Sportsmail, “After a period of downtime, when I pigged out on Chinese and pizza, I realized I needed to get back in shape!”

The athlete has now embarked on a strict diet and exercise regime, with hope that he will fit in time for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow Scotland. by the looks of the pictures we are pretty sure he’s going to be just fine!

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