Friday, 29 September, 2023

CBBC Female Presenters ‘too sexy’ For Kids Channels!

Some of the female presenters working for the BBC have been criticized about the way they dress on children’s television programmes. 

CBBC executive editor Melissa Hardinge revealed that some female presenters have been told to take their red lipstick of and to swap their clothes in order for them to stop looking ‘too sexy’.”Sexualisation of girls is something we take incredibly seriously,” Hardinge said at a BAFTA event last night. She added “We try to show fantastic female role models. The older end of our 6 to 12 age groups are very interested in relationships, and we have to show positive role models and the correct way of going about having relationships.”

Dionne Bromfield and Shannon Flynn – two presenters from Friday Download- were named as presenters who needed to rethink what they wore on children’s television. When asked what presenters’ outfits were tackled, she added: “We take that very seriously. We know that a lot of young girls will look at how our presenters are dressed – and no, they should not look too sexy.”

However CBBC have produced some good role models for young children such as former Blue Peter presenter Helen Skelton.

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