Saturday, 10 June, 2023

The Vamps Want To Go International!

The Vamps have revealed that they are now going to focus on cracking the international music market!

Even though the boy band have said they are ‘grateful’ for their recent success in the UK, they have recently revealed that they are hoping to release their music and tour all over the world.

“We were really grateful for the number two [single] with ‘Can We Dance’ – which was awesome – and then number three with ‘Wild Heart’ was cool,” they told Jon Hornbuckle for Digital Spy.

“I think we are all very happy and do it all for the fans so any chart position is fine for us. Obviously we would love to have a number one but we are more focused on trying to make international plans.”

They continued: “We’ve just announced our first headline show in New York so we are really excited about that. We don’t know how it’s going to go but we are excited about that and also we are headed to Paris next week.
We’ve got fans on Twitter from all over. It’s really crazy that we can gig around the world and hopefully people will get more involved.

Since the band got together in 2012, they have supported McFly, The Wanted, Lawson and Taylor Swift. Their latest single off their first album is out now.

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