Lee Ryan and Jasmine Waltz: “We’re In Love”!


Celebrity Big Brother’s Lee and Jasmine have revealed that they’re “totally in love”.

The couple first got together on this series of Celebrity Big Brother, the explosive series saw them both get involved in a  love triangle with model Casey Batchelor. But even after all of the recent events in the house Lee and Jasmine have said that they will have three or four children together suggesting that they are in a serious relationship

Jasmine told Ok!Magazine that she fully trusts the Blue singer, despite his behavior with Casey in the house.
She said: “I trust him more than anything. I don’t feel betrayed, I know how he felt about me but I also know the situation he was in.

“I don’t think he did anything wrong aside from one little kiss in the bathroom, but he was being manipulated and Casey was pretty keen. So I went back into the house at the right time because if that had dragged on for a few more days it would have got to a point where I wouldn’t have gone back to Lee.”

Ryan added: “We’ve spoken and said if this isn’t real let’s just walk away, but we’re totally in love. Who wants to go into a relationship thinking it could end in heartache? So we’re open and upfront.”

He went on to admit that although he wants “to rip her clothes off every five seconds”, he feels his relationship with Waltz is “deeper than that”.Above everything we’re friends, we’re almost family in a sense. I would never do anything to hurt him. I’ll protect him for the rest of my life. If it doesn’t work out between us you will not see me selling stories,” Waltz added.

OK!Magazine with an exclusive interview with Lee and Jasmine- discussing their time in the house and their future- is out now!

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