Sunday, 28 May, 2023

Charlie Hedges and JB Gill release artwork for their new single!

JB Gill and Charlie Hedges are getting ready to release a new single called “Best Night Of My Life”.

A few months back, JB and Charlie asked people over 18 to send in pictures of their best nights of their life’ for a new project they are working on.

Well the surprise is finally out. They wanted your pictures for the singles’ artwork and it looks amazing, check it out below:

You can officially pre-order the single via iTunes on the 16th February. The link is yet to be released.

Charlie tweeted: “For those asking….u guys will b tweeted the iTunes pre-order link this week so u can order b4 anyone else. Track releases 2 weeks after ;)”.

You can now PRE-ORDER the track on iTunes by clicking here.

We are so excited about this.

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