Sunday, 3 December, 2023

AXS pauses Taylor Swift verified fan sale queue following verification issues

Ticket outlet AXS has paused the Taylor Swift verified fan sale queue for London and Edinburgh dates following email verification issues.

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The highly anticipated Taylor Swift Eras UK Sale for London and Edinburgh dates has encountered a stumbling block as ticket outlet AXS UK temporarily halted the verified fan sale queue.

This decision came after numerous fans reported difficulties verifying their email addresses. The incident has caused frustration and disappointment among Swifties who were eagerly awaiting their chance to secure tickets for the UK leg of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour.

In preparation for the ticket sale, both Ticketmaster and AXS notified thousands of fans whether they qualified for the presale event. Ticketmaster, in collaboration with AXS, organized its own presale event after Taylor Swift announced the UK leg of her Eras Tour. The general sale, following last week’s ‘Midnights’ presale, commenced this week. Fans who received a code from Ticketmaster and AXS gained access to purchase tickets starting from 11 am today, with the remaining sale spread over the next two days.

To participate in the presale event, fans were required to sign up using their email addresses, ensuring it was connected to a verified Ticketmaster or AXS account. The overwhelming demand for tickets was evident during the registration process, with waiting times exceeding an hour. Reports emerged that approximately 14 million fans across the UK signed up for the presale, leading to concerns that up to 70% of them may not secure tickets.

Even after completing the registration process, fans were not guaranteed immediate access to the presale event. There was a possibility of being placed on a waitlist, which allowed them a chance to access the ticket sale at a later time.

Despite the challenges, thousands of fortunate fans celebrated as they successfully secured tickets for the UK shows. However, it’s important to note that those who participated in the presale this week had registered back in October when they pre-ordered Taylor Swift’s tenth album, ‘Midnights,’ even before the tour had been officially announced. This highlights the dedication and eagerness of Swift’s fanbase to attend her live performances.

Unfortunately, the excitement surrounding the ticket sale was dampened when AXS UK decided to temporarily pause the verified fan sale queue. This decision came in response to fans reporting issues with email verification. The exact nature of the email verification problem remains unclear at this time. However, it is evident that AXS took the matter seriously and opted to address the issue before proceeding with the sale.

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