Sunday, 28 May, 2023

Everything you need to know about ITV2’s new show, Viral Tap!

Brand new to ITV2, Viral Tap is a cheeky panel show that takes a humorous sideways look at the week’s events using online clips and virals.

Caroline Flack hosts the series with comedians Matt Richardson and Carly Smallman as regular panellists, with the third seat on the panel filled each week from a mix of comedians and online superstars, including Jim Chapman.


Each week the panellists search through Viral Tap’s collection of viewers’ videos and reveal their favourites on the show. They’ll be looking for the funniest, the most outrageous and the most awe-inspiring, with the ambition of picking that week’s most popular video.

Viewers can earn up to a £1,000 per clip if they are played on the show. To submit a video simply go to the website (, which also has details of the panelists’ special requests – unique video ideas that a viewer could turn into the next big online hit.

The series will also feature many ‘viral superstars’, the A-list of the viral video world, including Jim Chapman, whose videos have had over 48 million views.

Each week, a celebrity guest will join the panel after being set a challenge to launch their own video…with the aim of making it goviral!

Caroline said: ‘I’m very excited and proud to be presenting Viral Tap. It’s going to fun working with my panel; my old pal Matt and the lovely Carly who is equally hilarious.

‘We’re looking forward to sharing some mind boggling clips with you all and pretty much spending the whole show laughing.’

Viral Tap starts in April on ITV2.

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