Friday, 29 September, 2023

Need For Speed Star, Aaron Paul wants kids with wife Lauren!

Aaron Paul has revealed at the premiere for his new movie Need For Speed, that he is looking forward to having kids with wife Lauren Parsekian.

He told US Weekly that he hopes to have daughters that look just like their mother. He said “What lucky kids to have Lauren as their mother. I can’t wait,”

The actor went on to say: “I just hope they’re all little girls – all little miniature versions of Lauren because it would be fun to watch her.

“They don’t need to be all Lauren, but at least one! A little mini Lauren. I would love to watch her grow up.”¬†However Aaron added that he and Lauren are going to wait some time before becoming parents.
“We’re having so much fun just being on our own. We love to travel. There’s no rush,” he said. “But when we start, I think we’re going to really go for it.”

Aaron’s new film Need For Speed is in cinemas now.

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