The Garveys won’t be returning to hit TV show, Benidorm!


    Apparently, the creator of Benidorm said the Garveys aren’t returning in Series 7. 


    The Garveys have been members of the sitcom since the start of the show, six series ago but it now looks like they won’t be returning for another.

    They are one of the most loved set of characters on the show and there have been disputes over the recent news.

    Fans of the show have taken to twitter to speak out about their thoughts on the departure, some saying to the writer of the show, Darren Litten, that “the garveys are great, don’t ditch them!” to which he replied “I’m not ditching anyone. They’re ditching me!”

    However, at the moment, details are short as to what will officially be happening, so make sure you keep checking as we will keep you up to date on the latest news!

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