Britain’s Got Talent 2014: Trailer!

The amazing new trailer for Got Talent has arrived!


The adorable daughters of both Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon star in the brilliant, new Britain’s Got Talent trailer.

Azura (Alesha’s daughter) shows off her dance skills for her mum and Hollie (Amanda’s daughter) causes a bit of mischief with some white paint and her mother’s stunning, black dress.

Meanwhile, David’s dressing room is empty, except for a large portrait of him and his Simon, which takes centre stage in his old-fashioned room.

And then there’s Simon. Mr Cowell is shown in his painfully bright, white dressing room, surrounded by attractive, young nannies. Hilarious David is also dressed as a nanny when Simon’s baby Eric throws a toy at him. This is followed by Simon praising his son, saying “That’s my boy”, before the voiceover states that BGT is the “mummy and daddy of all talent shows”.

You can watch Britain’s Got Talent when it returns to ITV soon but for now you’ll just have to make do with the trailer:

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