Friday, 29 September, 2023

Celebrities that enjoy gambling!

Everybody knows that some celebrities enjoy gambling and these days through the use of social media many celebrities actually tweet their escapades in the big casinos in places such as Las Vegas.

For many people this is enough however others like to go to these casinos in order to see the celebrities in their natural habitat playing games and enjoying themselves. There is a great online casino website where you can practise your game if you’re planning a trip to one of those casinos .

Just so you can spare yourself embarrassment if you’ve never played it before.
Due to Las Vegas being only a short plane ride away from Los Angeles there are many actors in particular who enjoy taking a short break to Las Vegas in order to enjoy themselves and gamble. There are many different casinos in Las Vegas however all of them offer great services for celebrities such as VIP tables that are out of the way and won’t get the interference of paparazzi or the general public. This is why people such as Ben Affleck or Matt Damon are known to go to a casino often but not always seen their as they play in the back rooms of the casino. However these two celebrities also like to play in public tournaments as they enjoy poker a great deal, both Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have also won some celebrity tournaments as well showing just how good they are.

This is not the case for all celebrities though as many have been spotted on the casino floor is instead enjoying the atmosphere. Bruce Willis is known for doing this however one night he managed to lose $100,000 on a single craps table in front of the public. There are many other celebrity stories out there however most of the time the celebrities themselves post them through social media meaning that the paparazzi get less and less scoops everyday which in most ways takes pressure off the celebrities as they won see themselves in magazines the next day.

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