Saturday, 2 December, 2023

The Voice UK 2014: Jermain Jackman only sells 3,000 copies!

Only 3,000? Shame, Will.I.Am isn't going to be happy.

The Voice UK 2014 winner,  Jermain Jackman has only sold 3,000 copies with his cover of And I’m Telling You.

The track ‘And I’m Telling You’ only charted to number 75, which makes Jermain the least successful winner of the UK show.

Now it’s emerged that only 3,000 copies of his track were sold in the past seven days.

© BBC Guy Levy

Forgetting that he has only sold 3,000 copies Jermain spoke to bangshowbiz saying “I’m very religious and I want to call my first album maybe ‘Genesis’ or something. It’s the beginning of the Bible, a beautiful, wonderful and influential story.

“It’s the beginning of something special and my first album is the beginning of an epic journey, I want to acknowledge that biblical term.”

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