Britain’s Got Talent 2014: Simon Cowell almost killed by an 11 year old!

We're guessing Simon has life insurance.


Simon Cowell almost died during one Britain’s Got Talent audition this year.

11 year old, Edward Pinder almost killed Simon when he was seen throwing knifes as part of knife act. Sounds dangerous.

Simon asked Edward, “Have you ever missed? Have you ever gone close?”

“I’m tempted to go up there …” while the boy was throwing knifes at his mum.

It turns out that Simon was tempted and he decided he would take part. This is where it turns nasty.

Stephen Mulhern spoke about the incident, saying: “With Simon running the show I don’t think anyone was ever going to stop him and say it was a bad idea.”

“The boy couldn’t believe it and he does get close to Simon.”

To watch this and many more auditions tune into Britain’s Got Talent Saturday at 7pm on ITV.

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