Thursday, 9 February, 2023

Brian McFadden set to host new ITV daytime show!

Brian McFadden is going to host a new ITV Daytime show called “Who’s Doing The Dishes?”.

The new show will show four diners who have to work out which celebrity’s meals that they are eating for each day for a week. Also they will have to work out who’s celebrity’s house they’re in!

Each episode will feature a different celebrity cooking for their guests and watching the diner’s every move via a monitor. The guests will be given clues about the celebrity’s identity in the form of items in the house and throughout the meal.

If they guess correctly, the guests will receive a shared cash prize. However if they don’t guess correctly, they will have to wash the dishes!

Recently Brian’s HQ took to Twitter to share the news:

The broadcast date will be revealed nearer the time.

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