Friday, 29 September, 2023

Justin Bieber detained as he arrives at LAX Airport!

Justin Bieber has been in trouble again with the American Police; this time the Canadian pop star was detained at LAX Airport after flying from Japan.  The Canadian popstar also had to apologise in Japan after giving a controversial ‘blessing’ to a war shrine.

The “Baby” singer was held in US customs for 5 hours once he arrived back in the States. It’s thought that this was due to the petition online which wants to get Justin deported from the US. (This already has over 273,000 signatures!)

The 20 year old has a scheduled court case on 5th May for drink driving  and he’s also in trouble for allegedly punching a limo driver because he didn’t turn the music up as much as he desired.

When he was finally released from customs, Justin tweeted:

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