Thursday, 19 May, 2022

Michelle Keegan asks Jessica Wright to be a bridesmaid!

Former Corrie star Michelle Keegan is set to tie the knot with Mark Wright next year and it’s been reported that she’s asked Mark’s sister and TOWIE star Jessica Wright to be a bridesmaid.

With one bridesmaid down, the question is who will Michelle pick for another bridesmaid? Speculations are that she may choose a fellow Corrie star.

However there have been rumours that the couple will be postponing their nuptials. Mark talked to Entertainment Wise about these rumours;

“I’ve not said that. No everyone’s been saying that we’ve postponed it. We’ve not. It was always going to be next year. She doesn’t move down until the summer so I don’t possibly know how we could have arranged a wedding in the space of a month and then have the wedding. It was always going to be next year. We’ll spend the winter arranging it.”

Mark also talked about Michelle having a lot of say about how the special day will go ahead;

“Michelle will probably be planning most of the day with my input because it’s her day. But when it comes to the party bit at night, that’s when I step in and start trying to take control. I think I’ve got a good idea of what my family and friends and Michelle’s family and friends like so it’s going not going to be as big of a task as other parties.”

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