Friday, 29 September, 2023

The band Far Too Far announce they’ve split!

Boyband Far Too Far have announced to fans that they are splitting up.

Yesterday, band mate Jamie said on the group Twitter account that he had an important announcement to make in his twitcam which took place last night at 8pm.

Fans, also known as Farnatics to the boys, Jamie, Matt and Jackson were worrying throughout the day what the announcement could be and tried not to fear the worst, tweeting such messages as “is it a good or bad announcement?”

Jamie announced on twitcam that they are in fact splitting up even though it’s not something they all really wanted to happen, especially not as they love being in the band!

We received a special statement from Jamie himself shortly after the twitcam and he would like to say “I always dreamed of being in a boyband. I’ve experienced it and done things I dreamed of doing.”

He then continued with “Thanks to the two amazing new good friends that I have made. Love them as brothers. Sad to leave them too but we will still be bro’s. Love the Farnatics! Peace

It’s not been an easy decision for them, but these things happen and even if they aren’t a band, they will still support each other and remain friends!  They have provided some incredible and unforgettable memories to their fans from twitcams, to #AskFTF to going to New York to record. They have been truly amazing!

We are sad to see that the band has come to an end, but we hope their fans continue to support them on whatever journey they take next.

At TwitCelebGossip, we’d like to thank the Far Too Far boys for supporting our website and reading our articles. We wish them all the best for their next stages!


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