Friday, 29 September, 2023

Top Gear’s James May defends Jeremy Clarkson!

Jeremy Clarkson has received support from Top Gear co-presenter James May who has defended him when he was accused of using a racial slur during the filming of the  BBC programme last year.

It has been reported that the 54 year old used the “n word”  during the filming of a Top Gear episode that didn’t air. However, Clarkson denies the accusations, tweeting:

James May took to twitter to insist that Jeremy isn’t racist, tweeting:

“Jeremy Clarkson is not a racist. He is a monumental b*****d and many other things, but not a racist. I wouldn’t work with one. #ThatIsAll.”

The decision is currently being made by the BBC to as to whether Jeremy Clarkson will be keeping his job or not.

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