Saturday, 2 December, 2023

Snapchat adds new features including chat and video calls!

Snapchat seems to be forever making changes to its app to increase its popularity, and has now introduced a Chat and Video Call feature to the new update available.

Just by the swipe of your friends name in your Snapchat inbox allows you to start a chat with them. In the new chat feature you can send messages, photos from your camera roll and send snaps.

This is not all, however. A new button on the bottom of the screen has been added, and when this button turns blue this means that the person you are chatting too is currently in the chat screen reading the message you have sent them. If you press this button, you can start a video call and if the other person hits the button too you can see both ends of the call at the same time, just like a face-time conversation.

If you are a user of the app, you will know you need to keep your finger on the snap to keep it on your screen. This is the same for a video call, where you have to keep your finger on the screen to keep the video call active. If you remove your thumb, you will only see your friend and your camera will not be shared with them. A thumbnail of your camera will be placed below where you hold your finger, and your friends face will take up the remainder of the screen.

When you have finished with your chat, you can then return to your inbox. However, staying to true Snapchat form, these messages will be erased only enabling you to see these once. You do get the option to tap on an important message to save, which can be saved for later.

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