Tuesday, 3 October, 2023

Mike Hough releases new track ‘Fantasy’ today!

Mike Hough has created another hit with his new track ‘Fantasy’ which was released today!

The singer, who has supported JLS on their arena tour, has reveal his new chilled song to his adoring 37,000 twitter followers and 24,000 Facebook fans.

‘Fantasy’ has a smooth sound and is perfect for anyone who loves R+B (like us)! We LOVE the song and we reckon that it’ll be a big hit!

We asked Mike a few questions about his new track, read what he had to say below:

Question: What made you release this track spontaneously?
Answer: I just thought “you know what, i have this track i love laying around, let me give my supporters something they always tell me they want – which is new music. Also because they are so loyal, it was a no brainer. I love giving back to them.

Question: Was there any inspiration or a real meaning behind the song?
Answer: Fantasy is about real love making hahaha. The song is pretty self explanatory. I thought it was time for me to get a little grown and give my older audience something they can relate too.

Question: How have the fans responded to the spontaneous release of Fantasy? (preview)
Answer: Its blown my mind! Everyone seems to love it and I’m so happy!!!! Thank you to everyone supporting!!

Listen to the preview below;


Did you enjoy the preview? Why not buy a copy of the full song here: iTunes, Mike Hough Fantasy (79p)

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