Friday, 29 September, 2023

Bear Grylls denies faking ‘The Island’ TV series!

Hot water again Bear?

Bear Grylls has taken to Twitter to share his views on the criticism of his TV series, The Island.

The Island is all about 13 men attempting to survive on an island together in the Pacific with limited supplies of food and drink.

Credit: Channel 4

After the programme aired on Channel 4 news broke that the Producers ‘faked’ the show, releasing two crocodiles as a source of food for the men and topping up water supplies. It was then leaked that four of the men in the show have previously worked with Bear on other shows.

A Channel 4 spokesperson said: “It clearly states in the programme voice over that trained crew are part of the experiment, living under exactly the same conditions as the other men.

“Like all of the men on the island, their professions are captioned on screen and their backgrounds are discussed. Biographies are also on the Channel 4 website.”

Bear has also taken to Twitter, tweeting this:

“and yes as stated in the show: 3 of the cast were experienced cameramen going through the whole experiment for real as per the others. Let’s not belittle the men’s courage & resolve. Both get tested to the limit soon. I would like to see the critics on @theisland ! #series2!”

The Island airs on Mondays, Channel 4 9pm.

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