Monday, 5 June, 2023

The Voice UK: Kylie Minogue happy to return in 2016!

Kylie Minogue said she will be happy to return to The Voice UK, but just not this year.

It was recently announced in April that Kylie wont be returning to the show next series, due to clashes between filming dates and her scheduled world tour.

However, the show has already been renewed for 2016 and a return to the show for Kylie could still happen.

She revealed to Alan Carr that she will miss the show next season, and said ‘i’ll be watching like all of you guys’ when the next season comes around.

Explaining why she can’t return, Kylie stated ‘I just can’t go back next season as I am on tour, but the season after that… it’s an open book’.

Although she had ‘so much fun’ last season, the Aussie singer confessed that there were points that the judging role was stressful and tearful for her because ‘you get so involved’.

Lets hope we see her back in the judging seat in a couple of years, and we wish her the best of luck with the tour.

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