Tuesday, 6 December, 2022

Graham Norton talks about his chat show future!

Chat show host Graham Norton has spoken about the future of The Graham Norton Show.

The 51 year old, who commentated last week’s Eurovision and will host tonight’s BAFTAs, said that he wants to hate his show before the public do.

“Well, it all depends when the BBC kick me off!”

he said. “If they kick me off next year, then yes, I’ll keep going until then.

“It’s one of those weird things – I don’t know. I always said I’d retire at 50, but now I’m 51 and I’m still doing it and we’re doing it for the future, I guess. And I’m still enjoying it. It’s not like a chore. It’s not like this awful thing that I’ve got to force myself to do – I like doing it, I like going to work. So hopefully I will start to hate it before the public start to hate it, and so I’ll step away just before people are going, ‘F**k off!'”

The show’s secret is that it keeps changing, Norton explained: “I’ve got older, we’ve moved channels, we’ve changed the format, so there’s always something else going on with it. You never know – we could be cancelled tomorrow and there’ll be no explanation for its longevity because it’s over!”

Graham always has great line-ups of celebrity guests on his shows, but he revealed that he doesn’t have a dream line-up;

“My favourite nights are the nights when I can just say, ‘Hello’ and then the couch takes off – they’re all interested in each other, they all find each other fascinating, they’re fans of each other’s work. Those are my favourite nights, rather than the nights when I have to [keep it going]… I don’t mind those nights, but they’re harder work!”

The British Academy Television Awards air tonight (May 18) at 8pm on BBC One.

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