Friday, 29 September, 2023

PICTURES: Big Brother 2014 garden under construction!

TellyMix have released some EXCLUSIVE photos of the new Big Brother garden!

The garden has been fitted with a new lawn and pool, where the housemates will undoubtedly spend most of their time throughout the summer.

The garden is said to be almost complete with TellyMix spies suggesting that it could be finished in the next week, ready for the guinea pig housemates that will test out the new Big Brother house.

In the photos, it is noticeable that the old tree house and wooden walls which featured in last years series have gone, and in their place are the new futuristic silver walls and path ways. It is suspected that the whole house will keep to the futuristic theme as this is the theme showcased in this years eye.

Thanks to TellyMix for the picture.

The vegetable patch which featured in last years eco-friendly house has also gone and in its place is a glistening new pool, which we are sure will please the housemates. However the high-tech net to stop messages being thrown over to the housemates still remains.

Surrounding the garden, are many new glass doors leading to various unseen rooms in the house.

Thanks to TellyMix for the picture.

The pictures show the garden covered by black sheets as well as a lot of various building equipment showing that work is still underway, hopefully pictures will be released to show the garden when it is finished!

Big Brother is set to kick off on either Thursday the 5th of June or Friday the 6th of June, but this will be confirmed on Wednesday.

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