Saturday, 1 April, 2023

Tulisa denies hitting blogger as she heads to court over alleged assault!

Tulisa has pleaded not guilty in court this week, denying an assault charge that allegedly took place at last year’s V Festival.

The singer and former X Factor judge was accused of drunkenly attacking celebrity blogger Savvas Morgan during an argument about her leaked sex tape, however she pleaded not guilty during her trial at Chelmsford Magistrates Court.

Credit: Reuters

On the second day of the trial, the court heard the alleged assault took place in the festival’s VIP camping area. This was after Tulisa and Savvas were apparently in an argument about the Tulisa’s sex tape, which was published on Savvas’s website after it was leaked in 2012.

Savvas says he was left with a swollen eye after the assault and in court he claimed: “Everyone was jumping around trying to get at me, there was a lot going on.” When asked if one of Tulisa’s limbs made contact with his eye, he said: “Yes.” A group of friends were also involved and other people’s arms were swinging about, but he said they were not as close as Tulisa’s.

However, Tulisa’s defence reckons it was someone else who assaulted Savvas as she was careful to keep her arms behind her back. Also accused of threatening behaviour during the incident was her assistant Gareth Varey, who denied the accusation.

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