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5 things we learnt from ‘Fearne and McBusted’!

‘Fearne and McBusted’ taught us many things. It was a very enlightening experience. But if we had to choose, these are the best 5 things we learnt from the two part show.

1. Matt Willis would make the most beautiful bride. *Wipes away tear*

Yes, you read correctly. If you missed Fearne and McBusted then you really missed out. Part two of the show gave us what we had been hoping for for many, many years – MATT WILLIS IN A WEDDING DRESS. After all that emotional stuff, ITV gave us what we really wanted to see. 3 whole seconds of Matt rocking out at a McBusted concert in a very frilly wedding gown. (They were singing ‘Crashed The Wedding’ by the way. Otherwise it would have just been weird…)

2. McBusted may just be the coolest band ever. (Sorry JLS)

Each member of the band has been through tough journeys as an individual and they’ve all made it out the other end, stronger and cooler than ever. What with Dougie and Matt in rehab, Tom’s highs and lows, James’s clashes with ex-bandmate Charlie and not to mention Danny’s OCD, the band have really worked on their demons and are now married, parents (Tom), writing for One Direction, writing stories about dinosaurs and poop and part of THE COOLEST BAND EVER. McBusted are truly amazing!

3. Dougie likes to buy stuffed-animals (Ahem. Yeah.) and was taught a lot of things by the other guys (“Not dodgy things!”)

This isn’t one of those wild rumours floating around the news. Dougie Poynter really does like stuffed animals. So much so that he took his new neighbour Fearne shopping for some pretty creepy stuffed creatures. Including a Siamese lamb with a Cyclops eye. (Don’t even ask) Needless to say, Fearne wasn’t really digging the ‘animal-mortuary’ look for her new home. We also found out that as the youngest member, the other boys helped Dougie out a lot, especially since his dad left a couple of weeks before he was in the band. (“They played a lot of different roles for me – best friends, older brothers and dads all at the same time”). They taught him how to do a lot of things for the first time – “not dodgy things!” Dougie adds.

4. Tattoo Roulette is a deadly serious game. (Until you get a frog called James tattooed onto your ankle)

When they’re not rehearsing for their sold out tour, the McBusted boys like to play a game called ‘Tattoo Roulette’. (It is as cool as it sounds) The boys pick pieces of paper out of Matt’s hat. Some say “NO” on them, and two say “Oh Shit”. If you’re unlucky enough to pick an “Oh Shit” then you have to engage in a nerve-wracking game of rock, paper, scissors at the tattoo parlour. The loser has to get inked with a design of the boys’ choice. This time it was Matt who got a lovely picture of a frog which they named James in honour of James Bourne.

5. Fearne really couldn’t handle Harry’s strict workout routine (But it was nice to see Harry running around in shorts)

We’ve gotta give it to her – she tried. But have you seen the muscles on Harry?! It’s no wonder Fearne couldn’t keep up with Harry’s pretty intense exercise routine – it looked exhausting! If we had the choice between being sweaty and running around in a cold, muddy field or watching Harry be sweaty and run around in a field, we’d definitely pick the second option!

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