Friday, 29 September, 2023

Zayn Malik to rap in next One Direction album?

Naughty Boy has revealed that Zayn Malik is a good rapper, so could this mean the next One Direction album will feature him rapping? We hope so!

Naughty boy has claimed that One Direction star Zayn Malik can rap and ‘spit bars’. The producer has been working with the boys on there next album.

“Zayn’s actually quite a good rapper,” he said. “We’ve been in the studio doing some One Direction stuff and you know, he can spit bars! Of course he can! Big up Zayn and his bars.” Naughty Boy also revealed that the song features collabarations from Emeli Sandé and Sam Roman. He stated: “The song’s amazing that we’ve done. Emeli [Sandé] wrote on it as well and this new guy Sam Roman who’s on my next single as well.”

Naughty Boy also said that he never planned to work with One Direction and that it wasn’t a natural decision to record with them.

“No, no, no, it wasn’t,” he said. “I actually turned  down the last two albums. But then I met Zayn at the Brits.”

Naughty Boy explained that he had a “natural understanding” with Zayn because of their backgrounds.

“We’re both from Pakistani backgrounds. We both come from similar kind of backgrounds,” he said. “He’s from Bradford, I’m from Watford. In terms of how we grew up, there was a natural understanding.”

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