Ed Sheeran releases new music video ‘Sing’!


    Ed Sheeran has premiered his new music video for his latest single ‘Sing’.

    The video, which was premiered on Facebook on Thursday shows Ed’s Muppet alter-ego, the real Ed Sheeran and his co-producer Pharrel going on a night out. A bunch of strippers and a handful of Korean business men also make appearances in the weird and wonderful music video.

    Sheeran’s video has been described as ‘fit for any hangover movie’ as the unlikely trio invade the streets causing mayhem with a DUI charge and confetti puke.

    The video has gone viral since its premier, reaching 105,000 likes and 21,000 shares on Facebook.

    Ed Sheeran is aware of the strange concept of the video, having warned MTV that it would be ‘really weird’.

    “The concept is The Muppets going out on a night out with a bunch of Korean business men who sing karaoke and then kidnapping me and Pharrell and taking us to that karaoke bar,” he said. “Oh, and there’s also a bunch of strippers in it. It’s really weird, really weird, I don’t know what I was on.”

    ‘Sing’ is Ed’s first single off his upcoming album ‘Multiply’, which is set to be released next month.

    Watch the video below:

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