Saturday, 2 December, 2023

Big Brother 2014: Housemates to have MOBILE devices?

It has been revealed that the Big Brother 2014 housemates could be able to use iPads whilst in the Big Brother house!

Reports this weeks have claimed that housemates could be given iPads as part of the new Power Trip theme. The iPads could give some housemates more knowledge over the other housemates. And as we all know, knowledge is power.

There will be knowledge aids,” hinted a Big Brother source this week. “We want to open up the house more than we have done in the past.”

Big Brother host Emma Willis has revealed that she is very excited to see the housemates reactions to the new twist.

“Do people use it for good, for bad, for manipulation, to win friends, to stay in the house, to get people out the house?” she said. “Someone, or groups of people, can get power from Big Brother – be given power, win power – but can they keep it, will it shift things?

“It will depend on who is in the house and this year they’re quite savvy and bright, so hopefully they’ll use it in a fun and entertaining way.”Emma added: “Also viewers can get power at some point.”

Some people have argued against the idea of iPads, but Emma says that after over a decade on air the show MUST evolve.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: “It’s been on for 15 years now, it has to evolve. “You want genuine people, people who are in there to play it, people who are sneaky, emotional. It’s going to be like The Hunger Games but without the death”

Big Brother 2014 starts at 9pm on Channel 5 on June 5th.

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