Tuesday, 3 October, 2023

Disney’s Frozen becomes World’s fifth highest grossing film!

Disney's Frozen has over taken Robert Downey's Iron Man 3 to become the fifth highest grossing film ever!

Since its release last year, the film has reached nearly $1.22 billion at the global box office and has earned the total of the biggest grossing animated film ever.

Following its release in November last year, the Academy Award winning animated musical is the first billion dollar film for Walt Disney Animation studios. It has also remained in the top ten films at the US domestic box office for a consecutive which is the longest run by any film since 2002.

The animated film is the second highest grossing movie for Disney following the success of The Avengers, which is the third highest grossing film ever. Frozen is just behind Harry Potter and The Deathy Hallows: part 2, which is in fourth place on the list with $1.36 billion.

Following its success Disney has revealed the film will be made into a live ice skating stage show which will begin touring in September 2014.

According to Digital Spy, Producer Nicole Feld said: “While it might seem obvious that Frozen is well suited for the ice, this Disney On Ice production will touch audiences emotionally through innovative show elements and world-class skating.”

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