Friday, 29 September, 2023

Zac Efron says ‘there’s nothing I wouldn’t try’ on nudity!

That’s right, ladies, Zac Efron says he’s open to more nudity on-screen in the future. Can we get a “WOOP, WOOP”!?

First known for his role as teenage heart throb ‘Troy Bolton’, the former Disney star appeared naked earlier this year in comedy movie That Awkward Moment, and remembers it as being “weird day of filming”.

When he spoke to Metro about his planking scene in the movie, Zac said: “All I could think was that in real life, I would not use that technique – I think there are other ways around it. That was a weird day of filming.

“My co-star Miles Teller’s bathroom was very small but mine was an elevated toilet in the middle of a room with nothing around it – it was just built for this one reason. So I was planking in a huge room full of people, with everyone watching, which was really awkward.”

Zac also admitted he didn’t mind getting naked for roles if there is a “specific reason for it”.

“If it is authentic and necessary and helps the story, than there is nothing I wouldn’t try,” he said.

Good old Zac. He’s all about taking one for the team. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to go work on some movie scripts in which shirtless-ness is imperative. And we know just who to cast…

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