Monday, 5 December, 2022

Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood wins pass to the final!

In tonight’s second Big Brother: Power Launch show saw the biggest twist ever.

6 new housemates (Ash Harrison, Ashleigh Coyle, Chris R Wright, Jale Karaturp, Marlon Wallen and Toya A Washington) joined the first lot of housemates (Christopher Hall, Danielle McMahon, Helen Wood, Kimberly Kisselovich, Mark Byron, Matthew Davies, Pauline Bennett, Steven Goode, Tamara Stewart-Wood and Winston Showman) in tonight’s show.

Pauline, Credit: Big Brother. Channel 5.

In the latest twist Big Brother told Pauline she could give only one housemate a pass to the Big Brother 2014 Final.

After watching the remaining VTs of the new housemates, Pauline had to decide who out of all the housemates should get the pass.

In the end after stating “It’s between two people. The person I’m going to pick is… and they’re going to kill me for this.. Helen!”.

Helen, Credit: Big Brother. Channel 5.

Helen Wood has received the pass to the final.

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