Saturday, 10 June, 2023

Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood gets first WARNING from the bosses!

Its only two days into the Big Brother series and a housemate has already been given a warning!

Helen Wood, who was given a pass to the final last night, has been told off in the Diary room by Big Brother over something she said in the house. However Channel 5 REFUSE to reveal what went on!

When Helen eventually returned to the house, she told the others: “It’s like being back at school.”

The moment Helen won the final pass.

Meanwhile Helen Wood also went to the Diary Room to complain about her picture making her look like a man. According to the Daily Star newspaper, Helen demanded that show bosses switched the photo for a more “feminine shot” to avoid online rumors. Apparently Helen is worried that viewers will brand her as a transsexual.

She moaned: “I look like a man. I look like Michael Jackson.”

Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5 at 9:30 pm.

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