Friday, 29 September, 2023

Britain’s Got Talent: Bars and Melody to sign £500,000 US tour deal!

They might have missed out winning BGT but Bars and Melody are set to conquer the states with a £500,000 tour of the US.

After appearing on The Ellen Show last month, the pair made a big impression in the US. The boys have been approached by promoters in Las Vegas and LA.

As well as their tour (which is set for autumn), the schoolboys have been invited by the Dubai royal family to perform at a private event. They’ve also had approaches from a string of independent clothing labels, corporate companies, TV and charities.

A close friend of the talented twosome said: “They want to gig around the UK first, but they’re also really up for a return to America.

“Ellen has invited them back on her show in September and their management has had a load of offers. It’s a complete whirlwind.”

The boys have said they aren’t letting fame go to their heads.

“It’s not about the money or about being recognised. We want to give our families a better life.” said 15 year old Charlie.

Leondre (13) said: “Touring would be amazing. It has to be in Britain first.”

Meanwhile last night’s winners Collabro are apparently close to signing a six-figure deal with Simon Cowell’s Syco record label.

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