Wednesday, 28 September, 2022

Mario Falcone suspended over alleged ‘snorting cocaine’ video leak!

TOWIE’s Mario Falcone has been suspended from appearing on the ITV2 reality show after a video was leaked.

The video showed someone who looked like him snorting cocaine after a night out in Essex with his friends.

A source claimed: “We had been out as a group and wanted to carry the party on. Mario had his own ideas on how to do that, though.

“He just started snorting this stuff in front of everyone. No one could believe their eyes.”

Mario has been ordered to stay away from TOWIE’s current filming for the twelfth series in Spain while the ITV bosses conduct an investigation.

A spokesperson for the show explained:

“Mario will not be taking part in filming in Marbella while this matter is looked into”

Another insider added:

“This video could be the end of Mario’s television career. He’s become an important part of the show in the last three years but the show doesn’t make exceptions for anyone when it comes to drugs. He should know that.

“The show is watched by millions and is in its 11th series now so producers are certainly in a position where they can drop characters who are more trouble than they’re worth.”

Falcone is not the only TOWIE star to have alleged links to drugs. In April, Jamie Lock was charged with possessing illegal drugs and it was claimed that Jamie would have to leave the show for his situation.

Mario’s spokesman has refused to comment.

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