Saturday, 2 December, 2023

Big Brother 2014: Who will face eviction on week 1?

The first nominations of the series took place this afternoon!

The Big Brother housemates have been in the Diary room this afternoon telling Big Brother the housemates they would like to nominate.

All 15 housemates have nominated 2 housemates each, although they are not allowed to nominate Helen Wood as she has been given a pass to the final, nor Pauline Bennet, the current power housemate.

But Pauline’s nomination won’t be the same as everyone else’s.

She will have to tell Big Brother one housemates name who will be put up for eviction EVERY WEEK during their time in the Big Brother house.

Big Brother told her back on Friday: “On Sunday, nominations will take place for the first time.

“As the power housemate, you will be immune from the first live vote.You will however have one killer nomination. Whichever housemate you choose as your killer nomination will face eviction each and every week they remain in the house.

“You should use the next 48 hours to make your decision and you must not reveal any of this to the rest of your housemates.

Emma Willis also revealed that their will be another live show on Monday night airing at 10pm straight after the highlight show at 9pm.

Who do you think will be put up for eviction? Who do you think Pauline will pick as her killer nomination?

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