Friday, 29 September, 2023

Big Brother 2014: Find out the first three who face first eviction!

The first three housemates up for eviction have been revealed!

Danielle McMahon, Jale Karaturp and Tamara Stewart-Wood will all face eviction this week.

They may be joined by a fourth housemate as tonight we will see Power housemate Pauline deliver her killer nomination live. This person will face eviction EVERY week until their Big Brother experience ends.

It is however not yet been made clear if Pauline’s power nomination can include those who already face eviction or will have to be someone else.

Who nominated who?

Danielle nominated Matthew Steven

Matthew nominated Danielle and Jale

Toya nominated Marlon and Christopher

Christopher nominated Danielle and Matthew

Helen nominated Jale and Ashleigh

Marlon nominated Toya and Mark

Kimberly nominated Tamara and Ash

Chris nominated Tamara and Winston

Mark nominated Kimberly and Jale

Tamara nominated Jale and Kimberly

Winston nominated Marlon and Danielle

Ash nominated Danielle and Ashleigh

Jale nominated Steven and Tamara

Ashleigh nominated Tamara and Winston

Steven nominated Jale and Chris

Having won a pass to the final and being the power housemate Helen and Pauline were both immune from this weeks nominations.

Tonight at 10pm on Channel 5 after the highlights show at 9pm we will see Pauline deliver her killer nomination live to the house.

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