Saturday, 2 December, 2023

Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood receives a warning over bullying, finally!

Helen Wood has been issued a warning by Big Brother for bullying Jale!

Helen Wood was called to the Diary Room earlier this evening and issued with a warning, she was told by Big Brother:

“Big brother would like to talk to you about your ongoing treatment of your fellow housemate Jale. On Saturday night, in a conversation with Toya, and in front of other housemates, you said Pauline is the Alpha Female and about Jale you said:


“She’s an attention seeking b*stard, not real, she hasn’t got a real f*cking bone in her body. No ones going to look at her in that light, ever’”

“In addition last night you said to a group of housemates in reference to Jale: ‘F*cking slug over there is listening… Are you listening? I didn’t mean you Ashleigh’.”

Helen replies: “Because she was listening. The name calling’s wrong but I feel like every time I speak, no matter who she’s sat with, she’s looking over seeing what everyone’s saying and I just find it really, really irritating.”

Jale crying the in Diary Room over bullying.

Big Brother informs her: “Helen, name calling, persistent ridiculing and behavior that results in an individual becoming ostracized from the group are all types of behavior that can be perceived as bullying.

“Helen, Big brother understands that it is inevitable that not all housemates will get along and arguments will happen in the house.

“However, Big Brother will step in when it’s felt that behavior is escalating to individuals being excluded and being the subject of more aggressive behavior which could be seen as bullying. Big Brother thinks your behavior is unacceptable and Big Brother does not tolerate unacceptable behavior.

“If this type of behavior occurs again then big brother may have to issue you with a formal warning or take further serious action.”

Helen replies: “Okay.”

Big Brother continues tonight with the highlights show on Channel 5 at 10pm.

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