Sunday, 3 December, 2023

Court warrant issued to The Big Brother house for Mark Byron!

A court warrant has been issued to the Big Brother house for contestant Mark Byron!

The Big Brother 2014 housemate Mark Byron owes his landlord David Dowle £1,414 in rent. The supposed missed payments resulted in Mr Dowle going to court after he was unable to pay his mortgage.

“He had my spare room. He moved in during May last year,” he told the Liverpool Echo newspaper. “I advertised it on a couple of room rental websites, I’d used them in the past and never had any problems with anyone.

“I don’t have someone living there for the high life, it’s because it balances the books.

On his first night in the Big Brother house viewers saw Mark Byron win £5 thousand which grated Mr Dowle.

He said: “I saw he was sat in the diary room and had won money and was saying he would use it to buy a pug dog.”

A spokesperson for the HM Courts and Tribunal Service would ‘not comment on individual cases’ but confirmed to the Daily Mirror newspaper that a warrant against Mark Byron has been issued this week over the claim, which means bailiffs may now enforce the debt by selling goods if payment is not made within a week.

But it could mean bailiffs turning up at the Big Brother house with that being Mark’s current living address.

A spokesman for Channel 5 commented:

“We will deal with any legal procedures as is required.”

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