Sunday, 3 December, 2023

JacksGap robbed at gunpoint in Kenya!

Shock and horror! British YouTubing team JacksGap were robbed at gunpoint in Kenya!

It was only 3 days ago (14th June) that famous twins Jack and Finn Harries announced they were heading off to Kenya for 10 days to spend time with a charity called The School Fund.

The main Twitter account for the channel JacksGap (started by Jack Harries and now run by him and his twin Finn) posted: “4am start to a trip to Kenya. Spending the next 10 days with a charity called The School Fund.”

The boys kept their fans updated on their travels with tweets such as:

– on the 14th by Finn, and Jack posting: “We’ve arrived in Kenya! We’ll be spending a week here and another week in Tanzania shooting a short video with @TheSchoolFund.” on the 15th.

After many tweets and cool snaps, everything seemed to be going great for the lads and so it came as a huge shock when just five hours after a picture of Susan the giraffe was shared from the trip, Jack tweeted that they had been robbed at gunpoint: “Unfortunately whilst filming today in Nairobi we were robbed at gunpoint. Everyone is fine but all our camera equipment was stolen.”

Jack then proceeded to tweet: “My phone, wallet and passport were also stolen. Guess i’m staying in Nairobi for now.

“At the end of the day those things are all material goods. Whats important is that everyone in the group was safe and unharmed.

“The most frustrating thing of all is that my mums old film camera was in there. I fucking loved that thing.”

After letting fans know (on the 17th June), Jack tweeted Christian Turner, British High Commissioner in Nairobi, asking for assistance: “Hi @HCCTurner. We were robbed at gunpoint today in Nairobi. We’re headed to the british embassy tomorrow. I wondered if you could help us?”

Fortunately no one was injured during the armed robbery however further filming has been delayed for the time being. Finn tweeted: “Filming in Kenya is currently on hold. Very sad right now. Doing our best to work out the best way to move forward.”

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