Monday, 27 March, 2023

Union J say their new album will shock people!

Union J have revealed that ‘people are going to be shocked by our new album’.

The boyband premiered their new single ‘Tonight (We’ll Live Forever)’ last week, and said that their new sound indicates where they currently are as artists.

Jaymi Hensley told Digital Spy that they’ve taken a lot of time out, however ‘it was to make sure that we get the sound right’.

Describing the new single, Jaymi revealed that ‘we’ve really found ourselves now as musicians and artists, and this song is very much where we are as people’. He also added how he thinks ‘people are going to be a little shocked with the stuff we’ve produced’.

The new single from Union J will be released on August 17th, and their upcoming album is expected for release later this year.

They were one of many to perform at Capital FM’s Summertime Ball (June 21st) at Wembley Stadium, with the likes of Ellie Goulding and Miley Cyrus performing alongside the boyband.

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  1. Dear Union J my name is Chris and im a massive fan of your new single Tonight We Live Forever i honestly believe that song could certainly reach number 1 in the UK charts and it is a successful song and it will do well. Im so excited about your second new album your music is just incredible and Genius and also sensational. What i like about Union J is that you have a lot of quality and the harmony is just the best i have to say that you are certainly a incredible pop band who actually sing great music Chris PS it rocks


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