Friday, 29 September, 2023

Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood’s rival ‘Jenny Thompson’ to enter the house?

Rumors claim that Jenny Thompson could be entering The Big Brother House!

Both Helen Wood and Jenny Thompson were both involved in the alleged Wayne Rooney fling that hit the headlines in 2010. But whilst they may have been friends back then, they’ve since became sworn rivals.

Last week viewers saw Helen blame Jenny for the story leaking to the press in the first place, claiming: “We agreed not to tell anyone because he’s married and this stupid slag said my name. I hate her.”

But Jenny hit back:

“We haven’t spoken for two years. She is a nasty person and a bully.”

And speaking just this week, Jenny told new! magazine: “I think they should take her pass away.

“She’s being a bully. She’s been quite nasty. Jale was eating her food on the sofa and Helen called her a ‘f***ing slug’. I just thought there was no need for it.”


According to The Daily Star newspaper producers are planning to put Jenny into the house this week. Although it has not yet been made clear whether she will enter as a housemate or as part of a task.

A source told the newspaper today: “This will be like dropping a high-incendiary explosive into the house. It will make for unmissable viewing.”

They added: Helen has a pass to the final and it’s clear viewers hate her. Having Jenny walk through those doors could actually make Helen walk.

“And fans would love that.”

Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5 at 10pm.

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