Friday, 29 September, 2023

Big Brother 2014: Which boys have the girls decided to save?

The girls have made their decision, find out which boys they have decided to save below!

On Friday night’s live show Big Brother announced to the housemates that the girls would be in power for the whole weekend. This meant that all the female housemates were safe from eviction-including Jale, but consequently all the boys were up for eviction.

However Big Brother then told the housemates that the girls would have the power to save three male housemates from eviction on Monday.

Mark, housemate.

The boys had all weekend to try and impress the girls in a pledge to convince the girls to save them.

Big Brother made the female housemates make their decision in the Diary Room via a live video link into the living area.

Danielle and Helen, housemates.

The first housemate saved was Steven. Ashleigh said: “We agreed we was a big character in the house for everyone.”

Danielle added: “Definitely one of the leaders in the group.”

Helen said: “I think he’ll be missed if he goes.”

The second housemate saved was Marlon. Jale said: “He’s understood before potentially anyone else and that’s something I Can’t save really.”

Finally, the last housemate saved was Chris. Jale said: “For me, Chris is reliable.”

Ashleigh added: “He’s one of the people that’s there for me, a lot. He makes me feel a lot better about myself. I feel he doesn’t feel important and I know he doesn’t deserve it anymore than anyone else. I also think he would appreciate it more than anyone else.”

As a result, Mark Byron, Christopher Hall, Matthew Davies, Winston Showan and Ash Harrison all face eviction.

One of them will leave the house on Friday night.

Big Brother continues tonight with the highlights show on Channel 5 at 10pm.

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