Saturday, 2 December, 2023

Clare Balding is set to host new BBC Vet Show!

Clare Balding will be the hosting the new BBC One show about cutting edge veterinary surgery.

Viewers will see Clare and her co-host Steve Leonard travelling the world to find out about the latest operations, which have never before been seen on TV.

Often adapted from human medicine, the procedures include keyhole brain surgery for a moon bear in Laos called Champa and a skin graft for white rhino Thandi, who was attacked for her horn. She is now being treated by a plastic surgeon whose usual patients are people.

In another part of the world vets will give dolphin Fuji a prosthetic tail after an infection destroyed it, and an MRI scan will be given to a giant panda from China to find out why she is behaving strangely.

“Being an animal lover, I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of this new series, and it was fascinating to see the new ways in which extremely talented vets are saving these precious animals,” said Clare.

Steve said he “loved” being part of the show, and added: “The vets we meet in this series are truly brilliant, using pioneering techniques which are so important for the animals and which, hopefully, will set a precedent and be used again.”

A date for the three-part series to be aired has not been set yet but it will be shown on BBC One.

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