Saturday, 2 December, 2023

McBusted have written an ‘epic song’ with 1D and want to keep it!

The 1D boys have been working with lots of people on their fourth album including McFly. And it turns out it’s so good James Bourne wants the song for the McBusted album.

Talking exclusively to SugarScape McFly/McBusted’s Tom Fletcher revealed: “We’ve written on all of their albums so far. We’ve written a couple of songs with Niall. They’re really cool, but you never know if it’s going to make the final album.”

Busted/McBusted’s James Bourne said: “So there’s a song that I heard that the guys wrote with Niall that I really want to be on our album,” and Tom added: “We’re taking that back. Niall will like that, though. [He’ll] love it.”

Talking about the apparently amazing track, James also chipped in: “They’d better not take that song, and if they do take it it should be a single,”

Well there you have it. No matter who takes the song it seems as though we’re in for a treat when we hear it. I mean One Direction AND McFly? We love the sound of it already!

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