Saturday, 2 December, 2023

McBusted headlined Hyde Park with an amazing set!

McBusted played the biggest show of their career as they took on Hyde Park in London on July 6th.

The supergroup headlined a Barclaycard British Summer Time show in front of a massive crowd of 50,000 fans who came to the outdoor event.


McBusted are a supergroup made up of bands McFly and Busted who recently went on an arena tour in May and June.

‘This is the best show we’ve ever done’ Danny Jones said on stage as he looked over the massive crowd of fans.

They played well known hits such as ‘You Said No’, ‘Britney’ and ‘5 Colours In Their Hair’ where rather amazingly a rainbow appeared overhead which followed from the light downpour earlier.

Tom Fletcher gave a quick rendition of Take That’s ‘Greatest Day’ to loud cheers, after remarking that they feel like Take That with the huge crowd that had turned out.

Dougie Poynter also gave tribute to the Queen, as they were performing in the Queens garden singing ‘God Save The Queen’ in a squeaky voice sucking in helium.

‘I don’t want to go’ commented Tom, with Dougie jokingly saying ‘let’s start from the beginning’. This resulted in them performing Air Hostess again, which was the first song on the set that they sang.

Barclaycard’s British Summer Time shows will go on until July 18th, and artists such as Sir Tom Jones and Neil Young are also scheduled to headline the upcoming concerts.

The full set list that McBusted played were as follows:

  • ‘Air Hostess’
  • ‘You Said No’
  • ‘Britney’
  • ‘Who’s David’
  • ‘Five Colours In Her Hair’
  • ‘Obviously’
  • ‘Sleeping With The Light On’
  • ‘Star Girl’
  • ‘Nerdy’
  • ‘Room On The Third Floor’
  • ‘Thunderbirds Are Go’
  • ‘Party Island’
  • ‘Want You Back’ (Jackson 5 cover)
  • ‘Shine A Light’
  • ‘What I Go To School For’


  • ‘Crashed The Wedding’
  • ‘All About You’
  • ‘Air Hostess’
  • ‘Year 3000’

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