Saturday, 2 December, 2023

Marlon Wallen saved himself from eviction resulting in shopping task fail!

Marlon Wallen has been saved from eviction in yet another nomination twist!

Big Brother announced to the house that the housemates facing eviction were:  Jale Karaturp  (killer nomination), Christopher Hall, Chirs R Wright, Ashleigh Coyle and Marlon Wallen.

But one housemate has since been saved in a nominations twist.

For this weeks shopping task, housemates were given the challenge of keeping Big Brother’s giant battery charged up. Over the past few days Big Brother has been tempting them with luxury items which, if accepted would drain some of the battery’s power. They have also been given the opportunity to make sacrifices to gain the charge back.

Tonight, all the nominated housemates were called to Big Brother’s App Zone, where they were told that one housemate could win safety from eviction this week. However the safety was to come at a cost, it would cost the final 15% of battery.

Once the one minute countdown started, after 2 seconds, Marlon hit his button. This secured Marlon’s safety from this week’s eviction but his actions used up the final 15% of battery leaving the battery on 0%, resulting in the housemates failing this week’s shopping task.

With Marlon safe, it now seems that Northern Irish lass Ashleigh Coyle is the favorite to leave on Friday.

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