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Big Brother 2014: Three NEW housemates to enter the house!

It has been confirmed that three new housemates will enter the Big Brother house as part of Armageddon Week.

It has previously been revealed that the four episodes beginning on the 14th of July will be branded as Armageddon Week, with the trailer being aired on Channel 5 all this week to promote the twist.

As part of the Armageddon Week twist, Channel 5 have confirmed that three new housemates will be entering the Big Brother house. The new housemates will battle the existing housemates to win rewards that will help them to “cope” with the Armageddon twist.

What will Helen do?

According to The Daily Star the three new housemates could include Helen Wood’s rival Jenny Thompson, who was first rumored to be entering the house two weeks ago.

Jenny was the other person involved in Helen’s famous threesome with footballer Wayne Rooney, but whilst they might have been friends then they have since become sworn rivals with Helen having branded Jenny a “stupid slag” during her time in the house.

A show source said:

“It will be a clash of the titans if it does go ahead”

There could also be another huge bombshell dropped on the house, as it is rumored Kimberly Kisselovich’s on and off boyfriend of three years, Sacha,could be entering the house.

Earlier this week, viewers saw Kimberly come clean about her existing relationship to Steven after his mum gave him a  warning in a video message from home.

What will Chris say?

Prior to this, Sacha had called in to spin-off show Bit On The Side to comment on ‘Stimberly’, dismissing their bond as nothing more as an ‘illusion’. “I don’t see why I should be worried,” he said. “Steven is a mummy’s boy, he can’t stop crying. I’m glad they have enough tissues down there – but I don’t feel any threat.”

These new housemates will be the first intruders since Big Brother has moved to Channel 5 in 2011.

More details about Armageddon are expected to be revealed during tonight’s live show, which will see either Ashleigh, Chris, Christopher or Jale become the fifth evictee.

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